Letter to Diognetus, an early Christian apologetic work probably dating from the 2nd or 3rd century ad. It is often included with the works of the Apostolic Fathers, . Chapter 1. Occasion of the epistle. Most excellent Diognetus: I can see that you deeply desire to learn how Christians worship their God. You have so carefully. A late 2d century apology addressed to a certain Diognetus who is otherwise unknown. Diognetus was a tutor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, who admired him.

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Isn’t a third wood and already rotting at that? Wherefore both were planted close together. Discuss this text on the Early Writings forum. Some have ascribed dignetus additions to Hippolytusbased on similarities of thought and style. He did not, as one might have imagined, send men any servant, angel, ruler, or any of those who influence earthly things, or one of those to whom the ltter of heavenly things has been entrusted.

Epistle to Diognetus – Wikisource, the free online library

The poetry of the Letter to Diognetus continues! He is the only early Christian writer not to do so. He was aware, then, of all things in His own mindalong with His Son, according to the relation subsisting between them. Google Search Privacy Statement. When you have read and carefully listened to these things, you shall know what God bestows on such as rightly love Him, being made [as you are] a paradise of delight, presenting in yourselves a tree bearing all kinds of produce and flourishing well, being adorned with various doignetus.

Are they not all prone to decay? It’s the one who, in whatever way he really is superior, is prepared to help anyone who might be deficient. Think how much you will love this One who has first loved you so much! Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

All lettre images on this site are either mine or known to be in the public domain. Or, how will you love Him who has first so loved you? That would not typical Scriptural usage.


Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

And to glory in the circumcision of the flesh as a proof of lettter, and as if, on account of it, they were specially beloved by God — how is it not a subject of ridicule? It’s not found by being rich, nor by intimidating inferiors. Thus, they were calling something God that they would eventually arrive at themselves.

That the wickedness of many should be hid in a single righteous One, and that the righteousness of One should justify many transgressors! You have so carefully and earnestly asked your questions about them: O benefits surpassing all expectation! If you also desire [to possess] this faithyou likewise shall receive first of all the knowledge of the Father.

The course of conduct they follow has not been devised by the speculation and deliberation of inquisitive men. What diognerus it about the God they believe in, and the form of lettter they observe, that lets them look down upon the world and despise death?

Greatest Stories Ever Told. Are they not all blind? Don’t you mock and insult them ever more when you worship things that are made of stone and clay without appointing anyone to guard them, but the ones made of silver and gold you lock up at night and appoint guards for them during the day so that they won’t be stolen?

They do not inhabit cities of their own, use a particular way of speaking, nor lead a life marked out by any curiosity. Condemned because they are not understood, they are put to death, but raised to life again.

Come, then, after you have freed yourself from all prejudices possessing your mindand laid aside what you have been accustomed to, as something apt to deceive you, and being made, as if from the beginning, a new man, inasmuch as, according to your own confession, you are to be lrtter hearer of a new [system of] doctrine; come and contemplate, not with your eyes only, but with your understanding, the substance and the form of those whom you lettre and deem to be gods.

Is not a second brass, in no way superior to those vessels which are constructed for our ordinary use? Do you accept the useless and silly doctrines of those who are considered trustworthy philosophers?


As the soul benefits from the deprivation of food and drink, so Christians flourish under persecution. Both the person addressed and the author of the work are unknown, although at one time the apologist Justin Martyr was erroneously considered the author.

You’ve seen these people who have a high blood pressure of creeds and an anemia of deeds. Nor truly are those words without significance which are written, how God from the beginning planted the tree of life in the midst of paradise, revealing through knowledge the way to life, and when those who were first formed did not use this [ knowledge ] properly, they were, through the fraud of the Serpent, stripped naked.

Chapter five of the Letter to Diognetus is one of the most poetic and beautiful passages in all of Christian history. Obedient to the laws, they yet live on a level that transcends the law.

The first 10 chapters of the letter discuss pagan and Jewish religions, the go of a Christian as contrasted with the life of a non-Christian, and a review of the Christian faith as the unique revelation of God.

If you are a Christian, you should read Decoding Nicea.

In this way you will see, while you are still on earth, that God in the heavens rules. They do not rehearse speeches, but exhibit good works; when struck, they do not strike again; when robbed, they do not go to law; they give to those that ask of them, and love their neighbors as themselves. But you must not hope to learn the mystery of their unique way of worshipping God from any mortal. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.