18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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Plans, specifications,reports and other professional documents prepared by orexecuted under the immediate supervision of, and issuedby a licensee, shall be stamped on every sheet with saidseal when filed with government authorities or when sub-mitted or used professionally: Kw refers to the installed irt of a direct current D.

It may exempt the applicant from the neces-sity of undergoing an examination. A quorum or majority vote shall consist of two 2 members of the Board. The Board’s or Commission’s decision is appealable by the respondent to the Court of Appeals in accordance with the procedures provided under the Rules of Court.

Be a person with no final conviction by the court of anoffense involving moral turpitude;d. The decision of the Board shall be final and executoryunless it is appealed by the respondent to the Commissionwithin fifteen 15 days from the receipt of such decision. An Electrical Engineer should not acceptcompensation from more than one interested party for thesame professional service pertaining to the same work,without the consent of all affected parties.

The keystone of professionalconduct is integrity.

He may authorize or designate any of its members or the Secretary of the Professional Regulatory Boards, in case of his absence or indisposition.

For Professional Electrical Engineers: It shall be vested with 7902 func-tions, duties and responsibilities to implement the guide-lines and shall have the juridical personality that is distinctand separate from and independent of the Board, the Com-mission, the integrated and accredited electrical engineer-ing association, and other associations of the electrical en-gineering professions.

Violation of any of the herein Rules, any policy or administrative issuance issued by the Board or Commission. If the applicant was conditioned in any of the subjects or has completely failed the PEE exams under RAhe may apply for the same PEE grade under RA without undergoing any written examination provided he complies with the requirements outlined under Rule 14 of the herein Rules.


RA 7920 and IRR

Integration of the Electrical EngineeringProfessions. In the reapplication, Rule 14 shallbe observed. Action on Communication – Queries or communications which do not require collective official action or reply by the Board, or which are ministerially actionable may be answered fa signed by the Chairman or a Board Member, or the Secretary of the Professional Regulatory Board if authorized by 79220 Chairman.

No foreign engineershall be admitted to take a board examination, be given acertificate of registration, or be entitled to any of the rightsand privileges under this Act unless the country of whichhe is a subject or citizen specifically permits Filipino engi-neers to practice within its territorial limits on the samebasis as the subjects or citizens of such country.

If he failed in the written 792, but wasgiven a passing mark in his Engineering Report underRAhe shall submit the title of his report and thecorresponding rating obtained.

Uponapproval of this Act, the incumbent chairman and two 2 members of the Board shall continue to serve until theirterms of office expire or until their replacements have beenappointed by the President and shall have been duly quali-fied. Engineering students, apprentices and other per-sons employed or acting as subordinates of, orundergoing training under a person holding a validcertificate of registration and a valid professionallicense under this Act;ii.

All papers, communications, certificates,decisions or other documents shall be solely and exclu-sively acted upon by the Board within the premises of theCommission.

Engineering science and allied subject, such as: Description and functionof fuses, overload relays, safety switches,magnetic switches, circuit breakers, star-deltamotor starters, transformer-type motor starters,D. Electrical engineering RA vi. The interview shallbe scheduled as often as required throughout the year atthe PRC head office in Manila.

Release of the Results of the Examination.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

Power and Duties of the Board. The Board ofElectrical Engineering, hereinafter referred to as the Board,shall be created as collegial body under the general su-pervision and administrative control of the ProfessionalRegulations Commission, hereinafter called as the Com-mission, composed of a chairman and two 2 members tobe appointed by the President of the Philippines fromamong the recommendees of the Commissioner of r Pro-fessional Regulations Commission, hereinafter referred toas the Commissioner, who were chosen from the nomineesof the integrated and accredited association of electricalengineers and of other registered association of electricalengineers and allied fields.


The Board upon approval of the Commission shall ir the results of the licensure examinations not laterthan twenty five 25 days from the date of the examination.

An Electrical Engineer should endeavor toextend public knowledge of engineering and shall discour-age spreading the untrue, unfair, and exaggerated state-ments regarding engineering. Both a quorum and a majority vote are pre-requisites for the validity of any of the foregoing actions.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

Board of Electrical Engineering Professional Regulation CommissionP R CYEARBOOK Provided, That the owner or operator shall be re-quired to have the electric generating setpriodically inspected at intervals of not more thanone 1 year by a professional electrical engineer,a registered electrical engineer on a national, city,provincial or municipal government authority ex-ercising legal jurisdiction rz electrical installations.

Violation of any provision of R. Description of resis-tors, capacitors, inductors and semi-conduc-tors.

Requirements for Registration as Professional Electrical Engineer – An applicant for Registration as Professional Electrical Engineer shall submit the following documents: The Chairman shallbe responsible for the assignment of duties rra responsi-bilities to the members and for the supervision and man-agement of their work.

The number of test questions shall be such that theexaminations can be finished in rz 1 eight -hour day. III of RA The Board shall incorporate in the saidguidelines the creation of a CPE council that shall be com-posed of officers coming from the Board, the Commission,the integrated and accredited electrical associations, andother concerned sectors.

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