The Intel® Desktop Board DPERL may contain design defects or errors known as errata that may cause the product to deviate from. Intel Desktop Board DPERL – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE overview and full product specs on CNET. The DPERL is Intel’s PE-based enthusiast desktop motherboard and is probably the most interesting desktop motherboard they’ve.

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I’m wondering what could be wrong.

NOW I am my 2nd format, after screwing up and connecting to the net, without a firewall on, for 10 seconds, and got a new virus. I am guessing this is the case, since you can ready CDs fine. If you have the older Sigmatel chip it will not work with newer drivers. Hardware firewall isn’t much of an option if you are on dial-up, I suppose.

Intel – Geek Grade

Monkey34Mar 5, ZamboniFeb 19, Fri Aug 29, 6: I had windows xp sp2, installed on my previous install of windows xp. Just a key note here for you guys, as well I perl856 understand the latest posting here: Mar 5, Beats all the steps I’ve peerl865 in a couple of guides.

Hello there, I am new to the forum and new to this specific motherboard. You guys do know people have to reinstall windows xp once in a while correct?? An install where you start with SP1 and install all the updates, then SP2, then all the updates will never work as well as a slipstreamed SP2 install. Joined Dec Posts 2. I set it, ate dinner, and it was done. Do you already have an account?


Monkey34Feb 20, This is available in the ‘hidden prl865 under Inyel Manager. Fri Aug 29, 8: Petl865 is a solid combination of features and very competitive at its price point in comparison to top tier Taiwanese motherboard makers such as ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI among others.

Fri Aug 29, 5: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You will probably notice things like the on-board items nic and such need to be re-installed, so have the chipset, and motherboard drivers handy. Your name or email address: While most users will probably be turned peerl865 by the DPERL severe lack of tweaking and overclocking options, this motherboard is not meant for those types of users in the first place.

Delta Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Make sure you have McAfee or whatever virus crap you have turned off. I would do the standalone if possible to keep from getting infected.

FWIW I believe that ati2mtag. Feb 18, 5.

Intel Desktop Board D865PERL – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE Series

Also, if you plan on using Vista Ultimate make sure you do not install the Intel thermal monitoring software. First their support department told me that I had to reinstall Win XP Pro because according to their intergalactic perl685 I have no idea how they got into my pc, hear this “my reduced version of Win XP Pro Sp2” was the problem, it was “corrupted” I still wonder how these geniuses where able to determine “corrupted” by just looking at the error messages I sent them, but anywayand the only way to solve the problem was to do a complete reinstall.

Dec 3, Posts: No, create an account now. I have the newest ATi drivers on there, and my card wasn’t even really doing anything during that day Whatcha think?


I wasn’t concerned, bad driver I thought.

Feb 18, 8. The DPERL is meant for enthusiasts that do not plan on overclocking but still want the latest and greatest features at a good price point there is most certainly a niche market for these types of people. Each time it has been after I left my computer on all day I usually leave it off, but I was downloading something each timeand each time I came back to the screen in VGA resolution with an error message saying the system had recovered from an error.

Ideas would be appreciated. Sigmatel transitioned to IDT the hardware bizso there may be specific product and revisions that works with specific driver revisions – copyright issues? Renaming InstallShield folder doesn’t help. The one problem is that I’ve gotten a system error twice.

Monkey34Feb 18, I own a DP35DP and haven’t succeeded to install the audio drivers yet, too. When performing the driver install the wizard asks me to reboot. This isn’t an uncommon combination inteel features for an PE or P motherboard, so the DPERL doesn’t completely disappoint in the tweaking department.

I was on my 4th try, and running Norton in the back ground and nothing was working. Temps never get that high I think 42 or 46 when I’m taxing it with games In the begining it untel once a week maybe.

Over the past few months it worsened. JovesMar 5,