An Independent Book Review In the Combat Zone. In the Combat Zone Essay By Leslie Marmon Silko Women seldom discuss our wariness or the precautions. This is what the author Leslie Marmon Silko believes, which is illustrated in her essay, “In the Combat Zone.” Silko writes this essay to acknowledge to women. Silko mentions her personal experiences where men have tried to hurt her; luckily she has proven to be able to defend herself. How has she.

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Plummer, was a feisty raconteur who told me stories about the misdeeds of her former bosses, who were my bosses now.

Little Red Literature Blog: Women In the Combat Zone

One issue that is especially on the front burner is self-defense using guns, which provokes the current issue of gun control. This historical information fits in well with her argument for guns and empowerment of women. The estimated number of Americans killed in the 20th century outweighs the number of Americans killed on the battlefield “More Americans”.

Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. This norm is rarely challenged but is upheld combar an excuse for why violence occurs against women.

But even my brother shared their fears. Guns may deter crime, but they do not stop the astronomical amount of people who die as a result of them. The class would teach physical self-defense, which would only be used when all other diplomatic strategies fail. Not only does Silko use a good integration of historical information, but she also uses credible personal experience combt. What I needed were lessons on how to navigate—wisely, bravely—that first, terrifying year I was out of college.


Please enter your name. Another issue raised by Silko’s essay is that of empowering women.

By stating this, it establishes her argument that guns are beneficial. Silko’s main purpose for writing the essay is to send ths message to women that they need to defend their bodies and not to rely upon the police and courts to keep them safe.

In the combat zone

Remember me on this computer. Although, guns are very dangerous they are a way for people to protect themselves against others harming them.

That first year, I am convinced, is a time most women decide it isn’t worth their while to carry out any unnecessary solo missions in the combat zone Silko so accurately describes. Leslei list has reached the maximum number of items. After graduation, I packed my bags and, without my parents’ blessing, took the bus to the City of Brotherly Love to begin my internship at the insurance company where my older sister was an up-and-coming junior executive.

In the article, “A Different Perspective on Self-Defense Training” the authors believe that “If a situation goes physical it generally means you have not applied the other skill sets correctly” MacYoung and Gordon. Droberg, Daniel, and Robin Huiras.


The only disadvantage was that Mrs. Leslei Kelly site map. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

People, especially women, need to empower themselves to not get taken advantage of by strangers. By limiting gun usageless people would die or become seriously injured by guns each year.

I feel this way because guns promote killing and are morally wrong.

Presently, for millions of women of all socioeconomic backgrounds, sundown is lockdown. I didn’t need lessons on how to shoot a gun.

So what can be used to fend off muggers, rapists, and serial killers?

In the Combat Zone

Instead, they should engage in a self-defense class in which the majority of the class provides diplomatic strategy. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item If women could learn to channel their fears of cmbat from strangers into non-killing forms, it could save many lives and emotional anguish.

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