balance by looking at Rat Man’s Oedipal situation, Freud’s theoretical stance on the Freud’s case studies, this author was struck in the case of Rat Man (Freud. “NOTES UPON A CASE OF OBSESSIONAL NEUROSIS” (RAT MAN) Dr. Ernst Lanzer, alias the “Rat Man,” consulted Freud on October 1, , and began an. Freud’s On Aphasia was published in , with major discoveries or publications each subsequent year through Patrick Mahony notes that “of all the.

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Yet this is what Freud suggested. The patient even goes so far as to fantasize about marrying Datman daughter so that Freud would have more money.

VIDEO – Jacques Lacan on Obsession and the Rat Man Case

Create a personal account to register for email alerts with links to free full-text articles. Lecturing before the Vienna Society Psychoanalytic on November 20,Freud boasted that the name of Lanzer’s ladyfriend could be inferred from his anagrammatic, magically defensive prayers even though her name rwtman not yet disclosed; Freud’s process notes reveal that he learned it by October The Society were appalled.

Patrick Mahony notes that “of all the intellectual giants who lived in the twentieth century, Freud has had the greatest cultural influence. Freud believed that they began with gatman experiences of infancy, in particular harsh punishment for childhood masturbation, and the vicissitudes of sexual curiosity.

Freud and the Rat Man

Get free access to newly published articles. His fear had grown out of an account he heard from a fellow army officer concerning a Chinese torture method in which a large pot, containing a live rat, was strapped to the buttocks of the victim, and the rat encouraged by a red-hot poker to gnaw his way out through the victim’s anus.

Male homosexuality was a criminal offence at the freur. He had had a secret thought that he wished his father would die so he could inherit all of his rafman, and become rich enough to marry, before shaming himself by fantasizing that his father would die and leave him nothing.


This seems not to have crossed his mind. It opened up sexuality for discussion but only by sexualising ratmah. J Phenomenol Psychol ; Issues of madness and sanity were no longer about Relatedness.

Society ratmn refused to do so, denial reflected in the fact that the rqtman of consent was as low as twelve for many years. The Ratman also often defended himself against his own thoughts. To let his theory go means to raise once more the spectre of child abuse.

It also profoundly affects the capacity to make emotional commitments in later life. The Victorian age could be characterised by the denial of sexuality. He argued that childhood abuse was at the root of later neuroses.

Purchase access Subscribe to the journal. As the average length of time expected of an analysis increased from months to years over the 20th century, [34] so too the success of the Rat Man’s case has perhaps come to resemble rather the symptomatic relief of brief psychotherapy or focal psychotherapymore than the achievement of a full psychoanalysis.

According to Mahony, who is himself an analyst and sympathetic to the general goals of psychoanalysis, Freud’s published case history is “muddled” and “inconsistent” on various matters of fact and also exhibits “glaring” omissions of information.

Freud’s Ratman. – andywhiteblog

In addition, Freud repeatedly demonstrated to his patient that his obsessional compulsions could be dynamically understood when their original wording was recovered. Soon to be printed for the first time, ‘Abundant Delicious. What then of sexuality which strayed from this norm?

This was the second of six case histories that Freud published, and the first in which he claimed that the patient had been cured by psychoanalysis. Int J Psychoanal Psychother ;9: In the recent past Lanzer’s obsessional ideation involved lethal injury dealt to his girlfriend or even to his dead father. Neither of them could face how the patient had been sexually molested, aggressively intruded upon by a plump, furry thing that awed and frightened him.

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Freud’s Rat Man from the perspective of an early-life variant of the Oedipus complex.

Symbols are a language with a ratjan like any other, to communicate as clearly as possible. Freud encouraged Lanzer to discuss details of his sex life such as his first efforts at masturbation at age 20 and focused on a number of verbal associations with the word ‘Ratten’ ‘rats’.

Freud went on to discuss the case at the First International Psychoanalytic Congress in ; according to Jones’s erroneous although generally accredited account, Freud lectured for an incredible five hours on the clinical material. The trick with symbols is not to be too clever or to assume, with Freud, that they are intent on concealment.

What were the chances of speaking openly and candidly about the abuse of children? In the case study Freud elaborates on his terms ‘rationalization’, ‘doubt’, and ‘displacement’ In a footnote Freud laments that frrud term follow-up of this case was not possible, because the patient was killed in World War Freuf.

For the Stephen King character, see The Stand. Why not locusts or fire ants? View all posts by andywhite. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Before Octoberwhen he communicated this case history at the First International Psychoanalytic Congress in Salzburg, Freud had yet to publish the results of a successful psychoanalysis. This book documents the archetypal country through which the process of individuation occurs and looks at the trials and tribulations we might expect on the way.

His views were rejected. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.