Franz von Papen indicates that he is still a conservative monarchist at the time his Memoirs are written. He was from a well-off, but not aristocratic, family who. Franz von Papen was Chancellor of Germany in and Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler from to Results 1 – 30 of 47 Memoirs by Von Papen, Franz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Parker Benchley rated it liked it Dec 12, Yale University Press, page Von Blomberg became War Minister. The Nazis received Evans goes on to say that “Without the Austrian example and the feelings of triumph and invulnerability it engendered in Nazi Party activists, it is impossible to understand the upsurge of violence that swept across Germany in the summer of and culminated in the pogrom of 9—10 November” Reichskristallnacht.

John rated it liked it Dec 21, Even the German Federal Constitutional Court, which had the authority to challenge the move, “accepted the validity of the Enabling Act”. The Nazi Secret Service.

Franz von Papen – Wikipedia

Be the first to ask a question about Franz Von Papen Memoirs. Hitler and Nazi Germany: Whether this should be the principal trait of the man who today governs Germany is, to be sure, another question.

When the new Reichstag first assembled, Papen hoped to use the opportunity to drop all pretense of democracy. He recounts numerous incidents and goes in detail into who the players were.

The Social Democrats SDP had ruled by emergency decree, and Bruning had to do the same since the SDP would not join his coalition and Bruning refused to creating a right wing coalition. Austria was largely a story of anti-Hitler fascists battling it out with pro-Hitler Nazis. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I could detect no inner quality which might explain his extraordinary hold on the masses.

Schleicher offered Papen the post of Ambassador to Paris, but Papen refused after Hindenburg said he wanted him to stay as an advisor. In Maythe Zentrum and the Bavarian People’s Party voluntarily disbanded themselves in accordance with the Reichskonkordat.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Goering said the Gestapo had likely killed K. It was no more possible to foresee that this meant their physical liquidation than it was to see that Hitler’s demands for revision of the Versailles Treaty meant the waging of aggressive war.

Historians who still speak of the rape of Austria papne do well to study the press reports of those days Despite the events of the Night of the Long Knives, Franz von Papen still had a role to play in the regime.

He met with Hitler in Vienna and urged him to treat the Roman Catholic Church with care and meet with Cardinal Innitzer, which he did, and “Innitzer seemed gratified But industrial circles on the whole were cool in their attitude.

The Germans dismissed these fraz for a number of reasons, not the least memooirs which was that the Reich pxpen the oil-rich Caucasus for themselves. He believes setting up a multi-party system based on the “list system of voting,” resulted in politicians being slaves of their party apparatus and not representing their geographic constituents.


With no one really in charge, no help from memlirs, and austerity, the economy continued to fall apart. We will liberate the concept of ‘national-mindedness’ from the clutches of an ‘objectivity’ whose inner essence sets the judgement of Beuthen against nationalist Germany.

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On the evening of 28 January, Papen met with Hindenburg to tell him that Hitler was moderating his demands, and that most of the men who served in the Schleicher cabinet were willing to serve in a Hitler cabinet.

Addison-Wesley, pages Panteheon Books, pages Many of the stories associated with von Papen, many of the crimes attributed to him, many- even- of the achievements with which he has been credited, he sidesteps.

Papen describes his political and social philosophy post-WWI. In the election, Papen attacked Marx in a press statement as not a proper Catholic for his willingness to work with the Social Democrats. Within a few hours I was presented with a violent protest from the German colony at this insult to the flag.


Memoirs – Franz von Papen – Google Books

He obtained in advance from Hindenburg a decree to dissolve it, then secured another decree to suspend elections for the time being.

Von Papen presented himself as an urbane diplomat but he seems to have been a total idiot. Papen’s “closest and dearest friend” and colleague Wilhelm von Ketteler disappeared on March 13, It was not the first time I had experienced this sort of thing.

He was from a well-off, but not aristocratic, family who owned a salt mine in Werl, Westphalia. Hitler declared Catholicism vkn Lutheranism “the most essential factors upholding the life of the nation. Pantheon Books, pages McKinley then told Papen that he was his prisoner; Papen stated in reply, “I don’t know what the Americans would want with an old man of 65 like me!

Franz von Papen

He was reputed to frahz superficial, blundering, untrue, ambitious, vain, crafty and an intriguer. There was a struggle between Papen and Schleicher; Hindenburg vacillated, then backed Schleicher, who claimed the Army was not capable of stopping a Communist revolution.

McFarland, pages Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? Share your thoughts with other customers. He died in Unknown Binding Verified Purchase.

But somehow or other he continued to play his part throughout. July page The discovery that Hitler planned on dissolving the Reichstag caused a lengthy shouting march between Hitler and Hugenberg that delayed the swearing of the Hitler government and was ended when Papen told Msmoirs not to doubt the word of a fellow German and Meissner came out to say Hindenburg was tiring of waiting to swear in the new government.