Evliyā Çelebi’s Book of Travels. Publishes scholarly editions of portions of the Seyahatname, with English translation and commentary. ISSN: An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Celebi [ Robert Dankoff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evliya Celebi. Evliya Celebi was the 17th century’s most diligent, adventurous, and honest recorder, whose puckish wit and humor are laced throughout his ten-volume.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Later mocha, sahlep, tea, sherbet jelly, and milk was served in jewel covered little cups.

The tailors there travele so agile that dresses sewed by them look as if they had no stitches. Our hands got tired of collecting money to be used for various services. Son, My advice in mundane affairs is that you be sweet of tongue.

Though the son of a father who had lived in court and had close relations with the Sultan and eminent statesmen and a mother who was related to the pashas of the evlya, he was never to succumb to the wish for mundane wealth and position. The complete ten volumes includes history, travel information valid even today, cultural anthropology, psychology, myths, stories, both conservative religious views and the most liberal sexual descriptions.

But he did like having travel companions. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. When the Pasha put it on the under officers of the Divan wished him that the Kaftan may bring him luck booo that he may live long.


Evliya Çelebi – Wikipedia

But they betray the trust of God and mishandle my son and I kill them. Apart from the tekir, a fish with a red head and about a headlong, and the uskumru mackerel there are innumerable others.

Volume 2 begins with a reprisal of the dream, described much more elaborately at the beginning of Volume 1. Happiness is relishing each pleasure So let your heart enjoy this treasure.

The desire in him to learn burned until his last days. The walls are covered with tiles. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. That is to say, he has, on the one hand, avoided using words and expressions not used in spoken language —thus refraining from exhibiting his art and knowledge — and on the other hand, spontaneously made the grammatical mistakes one usually indulges in careless colloquial speech.

These networks were maintained for official uses: The crowd that kept on coming for seven days and nights were so big that we could hardly move. These two volumes, while serving as the frame for the larger work, appear to be modelled on each boook in various respects. At one point, in Dagestan inhe even lists the names of five of them — all dervishes of one stripe or another!


For years one cell of this medrese is infested with jinn and nobody is able to set velebi in it. After him came the turns of the other acrobats. Parsley, onions, celery, and bay leaves are finely shredded, seasoned with cinnamon and salt and all ingredients mixed well.

Fill of wonderful adventure and detailed descriptions, it’s worth a read. The Khan and the Pasha sat down with the sons of the Khan lined up on their left and right, and they began to eat.

Most of the meals were rice dishes prepared in different ways and soups.

Evliya Çelebi

It was on one such occasion, inthat he evliga the attention of Sultan Murad IV himself, who drew him into the palace. The cell is empty and the door barred. Fifty other slaves carried in fifty bowls which I am not in a position to describe. Refrain from backbite, from denunciation, from talking behind the backs of others, from gossip.

Journal of Palestine Studies. One that enters it feels as if he is floating travvels lights.

He is sometimes exhaustively detailed to the point of tedium, sometimes vivacious and sparkling with wit.