La histología regional del conducto del epidídimo en el perro comprende cinco regiones histológicamente distintas y continuas. Dos de las. Test Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimoenEpididimo Cual epitelio presenta el Epididimo?. Cuales fibras que rodean?. Cual epitélio. Histology and testicular and epididimal ultraestructure in Anolis sagrei (Sauria: Polychrotidae)/Histologia y ultraestructura testicular y del epididimo de Anolis.

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The adluminal stereocilia are long.

The epididymis, in all the species studied, so far is known, present variabilities in structure and function eppididimo its length.

On the regional histology and cytochemistry of the epididymis in the rabbits. The position and shape of their nuclei are variable, along the length of the duct Figs.

Test Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimo

The epididymis in the dog, reveals five distinct and continuous histological zones in the duct. P cells were the major cell type, and possessed slightly shorter; irregular stereocilia, with ovoid and elongated nuclei located at the middle part of the cells. The epithelial height of zone II is somewhat epididdimo than those of zone I Along the five regions in dog epididymidis, are found columnar cells and basal cells.

It is observed zone I or initial segment and zone II, both of them localized into the head. Ultrastructural differences in efferent ducts and several regions of the epididymis of the hamster.

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Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimo

Two different types of columnar cells could be distinguished: Epithelium of zone IV showing p and b cells. Histology and histochemistry of corpus epididymis in indian buffaloes Bubalus bubalis at different ages of maturity. The regional morphometric differences observed in epithelial height, luminal diameter and muscle-wall thickness, in all the histological zones, are summarized in Table I.

Histological observations of the reproductive organs of the male dog from birth to sexual maturity. Studies of the guinea pig epididymis. The zone I or initial segmentis characterized by an irregular and tall epithelium The rounded tubules, obtained from several sections of different epididymal regions, were measured for height of epithelium, diameter of lumen and thickness of muscle coat. Zur Struktur und Bedeutung der Epithelien immenschliechen Ductus epididymis. Regional histology of the epididymis of the dog.

B cells are seen in great number with ovoid nuclei and evident nucleoli.

The muscle coat surrounding the epididymal duct in zone IV Figs. Some aspects of structure and function in the mammalian epididymis. Development of the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa in the epididymis of the rabbit.

The samples, collected from the anatomical regions of the epididymides, were fixed in Bouin’s fluid, dehydrated and embedded in paraffin. Functional relationship of the mammalian testis and epididymis. Structure and function of the ductuli eididimo, ductus epididymidis and vas deferens in mammals.


From the average values for each animal and its distinct epididymal zones, arithmetic means and s.

Usually, their nuclei are histokogia and situated at the middle part of the cell but, because of the shortness of the P cells, nuclei rest near the basement membrane. P cells are also the most common epithelial cell type found in this zone. The entire hlstologia duct has a similar histological appearance, showing a pseudostratified epithelial lining, with stereocilia, covered by a myo-connective tissue sheath. The P cells are observed in all the five zones, of the epididymal duct. An immunocytochemical study reveals the expression patterns of several cytokeratins, vimentin and desmin in the epididymis of the dog WAKUI et al.

The epididymis of the dog, based on morphological differences, reveals five distinct and continuous zone epiiddimo the duct. The irregular lumen of the ductus have a diameter of Fully exposed epididymis of the dog.