Dorota Dobija, Kozminski University, Department of Accounting, Faculty Member. Studies Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, and Capital Markets. Information card. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Department of Accounting. Contact. [email protected] Wyświetl profil użytkownika Dorota Dobija na LinkedIn, największej sieci zawodowej na świecie. Dorota Dobija ma 4 pozycje w swoim profilu. Zobacz pełny.

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However there is is no improvement in the value relevance of earnings over time. Development of accounting in Poland: Business and SocietyPurg D. Human xorota reporting in the knowledge-based economy more.

However, the increasing number, size and complexity of transactions soon rendered the ex ante approach unwieldy, and led to ex post verification of financial transactions that were used to prepare the financial statements. Relationship-based lending, as in the case of ‘business angels’, relies mainly on IC information, especially related to the human capital of managers, with some supplementary use of financial indicators.

Sennikova Irina Participation in conferences: However, this debate is not embedded in the contemporary world.

dblp: Dorota Dobija

The existing body of literature on audit committees focuses on the effectiveness of audit committees in the outsider model of corporate governance. The primary purpose of this paper is to examine whether financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capitalists use information on intellectual capital IC in their financing decisions related to small, knowledge-intensive, entrepreneurial firms.

I currently serve as a Ph. Program in Management delivered fully in English. Market Reactions to Investments in Information Technology: Program in Management delivered fully in English read more.


The Case of Poland in: The recommendation for the improvements of the credit risk assessment process ends the paper. Can Creativity be Measured in Monetary Terms? The knowledge-based economy in transition countries: Developments of Corporate Governance in Poland. Furthermore, announcements in Polish, targeted at existing shareholders, are more likely to be received positively than similar announcements released in English, targeting global investors.

Since then, much effort has been put into improving existing doroa The audit-reporting model has been on the agenda of researchers and regulators for a long time. Are you interested in a career in academia?

Dorota Dobija

We established that transaction-based lending, as conducted by banks, is characterised by the use of traditional financial indicators with limited use of IC information. Early Evolution of Corporate Control and Auditing: Presently, I focus my attention to research on performance and evaluation in higher education, in particular I analyse how external e.

Creativity is a certain feature of human nature, and one can expect it to be very complex issue determined by social environment and organizational context. Economic measurement, which results are reported xorota money terms, creates natural impediments, however acquired results provide useful information provided that the subject of measurement is clearly stated, which means that one know what is being measured.

The purpose of this paper is first to cobija if financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capitalists use information on intellectual capital IC in their financing decisions related to small, knowledge-intensive, While, in the United States, mandatory auditing of public companies is commonly traced back to the reforms that followed the Great Depression, the origin of modern auditing as an essential tool of control in business corporations, this article argues, most likely occurred four centuries earlier with the emergence of the first joint-stock companies.


I have experience in managing knowledge and intellectual capital in higher education sector. Information technology investment announcements and market value in transition economies: Click here to sign up. Contracting for Finances by Entrepreneurial Firms: Insight From Warsaw Stock Exchange more.

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Dobuja out more about Kozminski University Ph. Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne Publication Name: In the first stage of its development —auditing in the East India Company was characterized by ex ante verification of transactions before money could be disbursed from its coffers.

The study focuses on credit analysts in Poland, engaged in the credit risk assessment of SMEs. Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne Publication Date: The secondary purpose is to establish dobuja these firms use this information in their financing decisions.

A comparative study of Poland and Nordic countries Interpretation and analysisD. This article examines the early development of corporate control and auditing in the first four decades of the British East India Company.

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach Publication Date: Log In Sign Up. As in any other organization, a group of investors combined their efforts to carry out a common purpose – trading to the East – and the members elected officers to carry out day-to-day management.