The Siege of Vraks was a major campaign waged by the Imperium to reclaim the . In the end, the Chaos fleet overwhelmed the Imperial planetary defenders. Explore Defender of vraks’s 45 photos on Flickr! Defender of vraks. Follow. Give Pro. 1 Follower•0 Following. 45 Photos. Joined About · Photostream. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. 40k Lore, The Siege of Vraks! The Defenders: ?a via @YouTube.

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First to arrive sefenders a battery of Quad Launcherstowed forwards by Centaursand these were set up and soon in action, firing off rapid salvoes of shells to smash the enemy’s last desperate attempts to counter-attack. Shep’s Tau – Seize Ground with 5 objectives, spearhead. However Rex knew that this bloody assault was necessary, and planned three primary attacks from different directions.

AbsoluteBlue On to week 9 progress: AbsoluteBlue Week 12 has come and gone The enemy soon executed a renewed counterattack, pouring forth to meet the 11 th Assault Korps. Meanwhile, Xaphan’s right hand man Deacon Mamon organized the defenses of Vraks to withstand the Imperial assault.

Defender of vraks

By now the 88 th Siege Army should have been entrenched at the inner defence ring having cracked defendeds defences of the first two rings, and it should have had the Citadel itself within the sights of their heavy artillery.

But when the time came, and the opportunity to kill the Cardinal was right, the sniper-assassin’s shot failed to end Xaphan’s short reign.

M41the Siege of Vraks began when Transport ships from the 88th Siege Army began their landings on the planet. The Dark Gods would still bring him victory. I will say my Enforcer did an excellent job at saving one of the units from assured destruction.

A series of explosions tore bloody gaps in the crowded trench lines.

They had to prepare their men and train an army. GitSmack If you want to try your renegades against some under-tuned mekanized orks, give me a yell The offensive had raged for seven days, and still no breakthrough had come, until at The large capital ships were also ordered out from their home ports, including the fleet flagship, the mighty Emperor -class Battleship Constantin Valdor.


MajorTom11 Trick for your camera – Even with a macro lens, you will still get depth of field if you are too close, as can be seen on the tail of the valk shot for example. KevinNash – Great Sisters! Not sure what I will get done though. AbsoluteBlue A little more work on the Devil Dogs: Initial objectives were achieved by the Dark Angels in mere minutes, knocking out dozen of traitor vehicles and inflicting hundreds of casualties.

A nullship sent on a one-way mission into the Eye crewed by automated Servitors and a single pariah, untraceable through the Warp but equipped with powerful augurs and communications equipment was launched.

My next batch will be easy.

Chaos renegade sentinel conversions | Defender of vraks | Flickr

Having recently been promoted into the post of Cardinal-Astral of the entire Scarus Sector if the name is familiar to you, that’s because it’s where the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies took place, plus it’s next door to the Calixis Sector, where Dark Heresy defendefs set.

I am doing some additional weathering and details for the Chimera and will post those this weekend. AbsoluteBlue – Awesome Traitor Guard!

It eventually got a basilica, to commemorate some martyr or another, and a big fortress to protect the armory that many tanks and guns in one place proved a tempting target for piratesdesigned to be all but invulnerable to orbital attack, and for ten thousand years, Vraks Prime never fell to pirates, ChaosXenosor worker rebellions.

Now Arkos’ wisdom proved invaluable and correct. These warriors were a gift from the Abess of the Artorus Priory of the Order of the Argent Shroudto celebrate Xaphan’s enthronement. The lives of the Krieg Guardsmen were no more important than the daily fuel consumption rates of their vehicles or the expenditure of artillery shells. His second-in-command, Lieutenant Colonel Dyneh, was killed when enemy tank fire destroyed Adal’s command dug-out.

Most were killed, those that were captured were tortured for information and then executed. The Chaos Space Marines were immediately put to work bolstering the Vraksian defensive lines around the Citadel.


Some Krieg troops were able to reach the enemy trench lines under heavy and indiscriminate bombardment.

Xanthos – click to view full reply. Belphegor managed to strike the Traitor to the ground with a blow that cracked his Terminator Armour. By the time word reached the Imperium of the rebellion on Vraks, it was already too late.

Leaving suicidal rearguards to stall the enemy advance, the defenders pulled back. They destroyed it and brought down a huge chunk of the wall, exposing the squishy insides for the rest of the army to pile through. All of their positions were protected by miles of tank traps and razorwire, as well as anti-tank ditches and minefields. As for the hood colors, this has been defenderss huge struggle for me I don’t like that my army is the attack of the brown for sure, but I am having trouble with what to add, but still have it look somewhat natural.

Chaos Renegades, Defenders of Vraks – Armoury ( Completed) – Forum – DakkaDakka

But as expected, all three attacks met with fierce resistance and enormous losses were sustained by the Krieg troops. The enemy responded with its own vrals forces, composed of Sentinel walkers and Salamanderscriss-crossing the flatlands of the Srna Flats in an effort to locate the Dark Angels.

Meanwhile, the Red Scorpions deployed once more to Vraks to exploit the gains made in the Lower Gate, now in ruins from the fighting.

A general dislike for the Departmento’s then-Master-Prefect on Vraks had also spurred on their vgaks for the rebellion. KevinNash’s SoB – another game of annihilation, pitched battle. Now that these rumors are coming out, and knowing that right about when craks hit the mark you’ll have a new codex in your lap, doesn’t that make it that much easier? This will put me close to fully painted.