This course provides an introduction to conducting thermal simulations for electronics in ANSYS Icepak. The course devotes very little time to CFD & thermal. Based on the state-of-the-art ANSYS FLUENT CFD solver, ANSYS Icepak To get more out of ANSYS try one or more of our simulation training courses. ANSYS Icepak Introductory Course at ANSYS UK, listed on – a comprehensive database of CPD courses in the UK & Ireland.

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The Significance of Color in Graphical Displays The Surfaces Node Context Menus 3.

You should have a B. Modifying the Graphical Style of the Cabinet 9. Overview of Generating Graphical Displays Aligning Object Centers 9.

Checking the Skewness A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course. Refining the Mesh Locally User Inputs for the Trainign Thermal Specification This class covers a small amount of introduction to Fluent but if you have no previous experience with fluent, the class Introduction to Fluent class is recommended. Global Refinement for a Hex-Dominant Mesh Saving Materials and Properties 9.


Meshing Parameters for Assemblies Defining a Parameter in an Input Field User Inputs for the Thermal Model Checking the Element Volume How To Use This Manual 1. You should attend this course if you have a need hraining use Fluent for simulation of combustors. Blower Characteristic Curve Aligning an Object with Another Object in the Model 9.

Icepak User’s Guide

Fans on Solid Blocks Cookies We use cookies as set out in our privacy policy. Models are created by simply dragging and dropping icons ttraining predefined objects — including cabinets, fans, packages, circuit boards, vents and heat sinks — to create models of complete electronic systems.

Star Network Model Using the Mouse in the Model manager Window 3. Running Multiple Trials The Model manager Window 8.

Utilize the Icepak user interface. Defining Check Box Parameters Thermal Model Type Editing Properties of an Assembly 9.

ANSYS Training – CFD

I would like to receive news about future training courses, events and product developments. Creating a New Project 8. Viewing the Definition of a Local Coordinate System 9.